10-inch localized RUGGED tablets | Industrial RUGGED tablet PAD (original price) -RK3399 six-core processor, Galaxy Kirin/UOS domestic operating system | Ruggtablets

This 10 Inch-chemical Robustos tablet This-Hua tablet computer series supports Tongxin UOS/new fulcrum and Galaxy Kirin -cing operating system; support standard USB3.0

Type a ports; support base charging; support Beidou; support Beidou; Navigation; support fingerprint recognition; support 1D code/ 2D code scan; Rugged IP65 protection level; support 10000mAh demolition battery, select small battery heat plugging;

can be in finance, power, transportation, telecommunications, education , Security, industry and other key industries are widely used.

Why do we need to support-Ruggedrobustos tablet?

In our industry, the United States, the European Union, and Japan’s manufacturing capabilities are basically the same, but all these foreign companies are in China. Will fight the price war, everyone is unwilling to divide the market at a high price. Only when the product is really competitive-their prices will be reduced significantly. Unfortunately, private capital is limited, the country’s support is insufficient, and the brand is less and less competitive. Competitive-fewer and fewer brands, more and more money everyone spent on imported brands. There are more and more money spent on import brands, and everyone’s dependence on imported brands is getting greater. Then-the brand’s living environment is getting worse and worse. Competitive-fewer and fewer brands. Such a vicious circle is in front of you, and you are still crying for it. So we should support-chemical industry RUGGED tablet, buy-brand Robustos tablet computer.

-The application field of Ruggedrobustos tablet

-The industry applications in the RUGGED tablet are widely used, but most of them are applied to the industry or military industry. Considering the impact of environmental factors, Rugged tablets are designed to be designed to have the requirements for ownership Rugged ability, so it is called Rugged tablet. What industries can Ruggedrobustos tablet be applied to? RUGGED tablets can be used in various fields such as telecommunications, power, finance, police, measurement and exploration, manufacturing, etc., and can also be applied to home service terminals to achieve intercom, comments, and expensesQuery, product ordering, household appliance management, temperature and humidity control, etc.



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